This artist-photographer was born in 1952 in Milan, where he still lives and works. He got degree in biology and has used photography continuously for a long time in this subject, but right from the start his documentary shots became works of art. And so he ended up concentrating his interest in research into this creative field, and precisely into the language of photography . He did this by consistently and rigorously going beyond the esthetic effect, being inspired by a restlessness of composition, and by the use of critical relationships within the events of the technique ,technology and history of photography. He is one of very few photographic artist who involve painting in the discipline ; an experimental process that started with the series of works entitled ” On This Side Of Time” , a cycle precedent by ” Night and Light” , “shadows” and ” A concept of Painting”. He has always studied movement on the basis of Muybridge’s fundamental research, and he stood out for his original linguistic proposal.

Massimo Motta he is also a sportsman, a lover of skiing and mountains, who appreciates the silences and the possibility, during challenging walks, of being alone with oneself.